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US Senator is a Spammer
From Hope on 29 Oct '04
I have received an unexpected and unwelcome email from Senator
George Allen recently. The email address I received this
correspondence had only used to purchase items online I have had
this address since 1996. Since I know that many companies sell
email address to spammers, I choose to use it for nothing but
online purchases. I receive on average 200 spam mails a day on
this account.

Imagine my shock and outrage when I find a United States Senator
from a neighboring state sending me spam. I neither requested nor
wanted the information that Senator George Allen sent me. Senator
Allen was endorsing a candidate for the US Senate out of the
state of Oklahoma. While I lived in Oklahoma for over 7 years, I
have not been a resident of that state since 1998.

There is a disclaimer on the email that reads, “You are receiving
this email from the National Republican Senatorial Committee
because you have subscribed online on our website, donated to the
NRSC, been a past supporter in a non-financial way or your
contact information was gathered from Republican voter files. If
you do not wish to receive email communications from the National
Republican Senatorial Committee please click here to

While I was a resident in the state of Oklahoma, I never
requested any information from the Republican Party, the US
Senate or any other political group. I most definitely did not
request such information to be sent to me via email to the
address in which I received this spam from Senator Allen.

As an internet professional I am expected to adhere to standards
and practices for email distributions. I couldn’t imagine why the
US Senate wouldn’t pass stronger SPAM legislation. I know
understand completely why they chose to be so lenient on
spammers. They are spammers themselves.

I have again received proof that there needs to be a major change
in our political system. The people need to stand up and remove
the seated Senators and Congressmen. The average American is not
represented by anyone in either house. We need real candidates
that understand what is important to the people.

Senator Allen obviously has no clue what is important to the
people. I can guarantee that the people in the state of Oklahoma
have concern over what Senator Allen thinks of Dr. Tom Coburn. I
know I don’t care either. Especially since, I am not a resident
of that state any longer, regardless of what my email address
might read.

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