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Review of Tidy
From Bill on 23 Feb '99
replying to EXTREMELY Valuable Info ... posted by Bill

Hmm. Seems to be a real lack of interest. Anyway.

To test Tidy, I found a page with complete garbage code and ran it
through the program.

First, to compare results, I ran the page through the W3C's

Once the page was verified as garbage, I ran it through Tidy using
the operators -imu (indent, modify file, force tags to upper-case),
then uploaded the page to the Net and ran the validation again.

Guess what. The fu*kin' thing works! The page actually validated as
HTML 3.2 once it had been cleaned. Jim, you really should use this
thing or learn how to code in the Queen's HTML (She uses the W3C's
HTML 4.0 Specification.)

As for XML, yes, the program will covert HTML to XML. However,
current recommendations for things like XML Namespaces have not
been addressed by Tidy. If you'd like to learn more about XML
(the future of HTML) there is some whoop-ass information on the
W3C's Web site.
"This section will explain why W3C is switching to XML for the next
generation of HTML and how this transition will be achieved in a way
that offers immediate benefits to content providers..."

And, if you could care less about standards, just keep building the
pages the way you are now. Unless you know what's going to happen,
it shouldn't bother you.

Hope you all gain some sense. Goodbye.

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