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Re: Secure Pages
From wes at Free domains on 25 Feb '99
replying to Secure Pages posted by Marge

>For simplicities sake, in going back and forth btwn pages, it looks like it will just be easier allround to make my whole site secure, since links to non-secure pages are, for reasons beyond my ken not showing up on the menus.
>but...I have in the back of my mind that some people run browsers that can't access secure pages.
>is this a real problem? will I lose callers and customers 'cause a lot of people can't access secure pages? Or is it like one in 10,000?
>any stats or input from the experts here?
I dont think its a good idea.About 5 months ago i used two order forms,A secure CC form and a secure Check form.After i got emails about people wanting other ordering options, i made two more forms that werent secure and got a lot more sales.I dont have any stats for you but i think your order form should be secure,with the option to use a non-secure form.

>(am just realizing that some of my carefully crafted links are showing because some of the pages on my menu are not displaying on NS4 'because they have links to unsecure sources, which will not be shown' ACK!!!!

Do you use a style sheet?or java?My sites styles sheet doesnt show up on netscape either but the links still work.tell me the url to your site,ill take a look for ya :)

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