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Re: Secure Pages
From Marge on 25 Feb '99
replying to Re: Secure Pages posted by wes

>I dont think its a good idea.About 5 months ago i used two order forms,A secure CC form and a secure Check form.After i got emails about people wanting other ordering options, i made two more forms that werent secure and got a lot more sales.I dont have any stats for you but i think your order form should be secure,with the option to use a non-secure form.

yeah, I know there are folks who will NOT use a secure form and won't put in their CC info..I insisted that the secure form allow for them to mail in a check to me.

But you are saying that having a regular 'unsecure' form that will duplicate the cart contents, and/but NOT go to the secure server, just an email form would be a good option?

I hadn't thought of that. My earlier orderform was a simple mailto html form, and one of the reasons I went to the cart was because some ISP's (AOL, especially!) don't support that. the 'attached form' never comes thru.

and I lack the CGI knowledge to make many changes to the cart. maybe need to find another one that the other form could send to? that's a thought. (sigh...and here I thought I was done!)

>Do you use a style sheet?or java?My sites styles sheet doesnt show up on netscape either but the links still work.tell me the url to your site,ill take a look for ya :)

naaah. when I started writing code they didn't HAVE style sheets; and since then I've not had time to slow down enough to learn 'em. ;-)

it's all real old fashioned. not glitz, not fancy effects.

but folks come back, and folks order. and folks write that they love my products, so I don't think I am gonna change TOO much!

anyway, I forgot to enter the url's

thanks for the thoughts on the secure system, Wes!

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