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Re: compaq presario
From IonZone on 16 March '99
replying to compaq presario posted by greg

If its a problem of overheating you have several options:
Buy an after market CPU fan designed for a faster speed or
higher voltage part...bigger faster fans cool more.
Make sure there is plenty of ventilation around your box.
Don't cram it under a desk in a corner...they get hot there.
Theres a number of CPU cooling programs out. Basically they
temporarily turn off areas of the CPU which aren't being used.
Waterfall, Blackrain...theres one other can't remember the name.
Do web searches for CPU cooling or overclocking and you will
find all sorts of good stuff.

p.s. AMD sucks...If you buy the cheapest computer on the block
expect to live with some problems. Theres a reason you got such
a good deal...At least I hope you got a good deal...Although you
would be suprised at the amount of people that pay big money
for cr@p...How many folks are sporting "Intel Inside".

AMD knows they suck and charges accordingly. Intel still refuses
to admit they suck and charges you out the...

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