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Re: helpful tidbit
From Jim on 16 March '99
replying to helpful tidbit posted by carl ballew

There seems to be some interest in this...

You can do just about anything at the command line in Win95:

You can run an FTP session - ftp
You can run the Win95 telnet client - telnet
You can do a traceroute (as described)
Finger is the only thing missing :)

When you run a traceroute, it'll "test" each server between your machine
and the server you're trying to reach (that's why it's called traceroute
I suppose). Usually, you'll sort of recognise the names of the servers
towards the beginning (your ISP) and end (the destination server,
usually your hosting service) of the 'route'. If there's a hold-up
somewhere on the route, you'll see the printout pause for a while
and then give some kind of failure message. If the failure message
comes at the beginning of your route then it's the fault of your ISP.
If it comes at the end, then your host is down. If it's in the middle
of the route and you live outside the USA, then it's the pesky pipeline
running the length of the Atlantic Ocean holding things up (do you
detect a note of bitterness?)

As I said above, you can run an FTP session at the DOS prompt, but
who in their right mind would want to? The same applies to traceoute,
there are better traceroute clients available that will, for example,
test each point 3 times instead of once, and give a clearer readout.

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