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Comon Jim give us the names!
From Pooja Mittal at satyanet on 17 March '99
replying to Re: helpful tidbit posted by Jim

Thanx Jim! that made complete sense for once! Now can we please have the names and url's for those magic tracers pls!!
:o) thanx again! love ur board.. make that ur whole site!

>There seems to be some interest in this...
>You can do just about anything at the command line in Win95:
>You can run an FTP session - ftp
>You can run the Win95 telnet client - telnet
>You can do a traceroute (as described)
>Finger is the only thing missing :)
>When you run a traceroute, it'll "test" each server between your machine
>and the server you're trying to reach (that's why it's called traceroute
>I suppose). Usually, you'll sort of recognise the names of the servers
>towards the beginning (your ISP) and end (the destination server,
>usually your hosting service) of the 'route'. If there's a hold-up
>somewhere on the route, you'll see the printout pause for a while
>and then give some kind of failure message. If the failure message
>comes at the beginning of your route then it's the fault of your ISP.
>If it comes at the end, then your host is down. If it's in the middle
>of the route and you live outside the USA, then it's the pesky pipeline
>running the length of the Atlantic Ocean holding things up (do you
>detect a note of bitterness?)
>As I said above, you can run an FTP session at the DOS prompt, but
>who in their right mind would want to? The same applies to traceoute,
>there are better traceroute clients available that will, for example,
>test each point 3 times instead of once, and give a clearer readout.

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