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Re: IP "encoding"
From Baz on 24 Dec '98
replying to IP "encoding" posted by Jim

The encoding is done by the TCP/IP network layer.

The formula is:

Orig Number: 3438189385
Convert to Binary
Binary number: 11001100111011101001101101001001
Split into 2 Byte Chunks
Split Binary: 11001100 11101110 10011011 01001001
Each chunk (when converted to decimal) becomes part of the IP address.
IP Address:

It is (of course) reversible ;p

Or alternatively - if you ping the original number, it will convert it to the TCP/IP address for you and display this as the address it is pinging.

Hope this provides some help....


>>It is a way of encoding an IP address.
>>Rather than using the standard you can encode it by
>>performing simple maths on the numbers (which of course I have
>>forgotten :( ) and generating a single number.
>So in other words, as long as you know the formula, you can put one
>of these period-less numbers in your browser to get any site you
>fancy? The "unscrambling" is done at DNS level?

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