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What format is this file supposed to be?
From Nancy on 21 March '99
replying to Quick 'n' dirty .htpasswd tutorial posted by Jim

First mistake was that the instructions I had said nothing about
using ftp to put these files in my directory.
Next, how do I make the .htaccess file? With wordpad? I tried
that and it doesn't show up in ftp. Or do I make it in front
page express or something? Don't you have to use a certain
kind of format and fonts?
Thanks for all the help!

>Telnet into your account, then enter this command:
>htpasswd -c .htpasswd nancy
>You'll be prompted to enter a password, then repeat it. Once you've
>done that, your password will be set up.
>In order to "make the password work" you need to put a file called
>.htaccess into your private directory. You can just use your normal
>FTP program, or whatever you usually use to upload your Web pages.
>The contents of your .htaccess file need to look something like this:
>AuthUserFile /home/nancy/.htpasswd
>AuthGroupFile /dev/null
>AuthName Nancy_Private
>AuthType Basic
><Limit GET POST>
>require user nancy
>Notes about the above:
>AuthUserFile must be the path to the
>.htpasswd file - it'll be in your home directory, the one where
>you arrive when you log into your account.
>AuthName can be anything, it'll be displayed on the password entry
>require user nancy - only user nancy will be able to enter your
>private directory. You can add as many user/password combinations
>to your .htpasswd file as you like, so you can give different users
>access to different directories. If you want "any" registered
>user to be able to enter your private directory, put:
>require valid-user
>IMPORTANT: to add new users to your .htpasswd file, do this:
>htpasswd .htpasswd nancy2
>(note: do not use -c otherwise you'll create a new .htpasswd file
>and your old user will be deleted).
>Hope this helps...

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