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Re: What format is this file supposed to be?
From Jim on 21 March '99
replying to What format is this file supposed to be? posted by Nancy

>Next, how do I make the .htaccess file? With wordpad?

No! Definitely NOT with Wordpad.

> I tried
>that and it doesn't show up in ftp. Or do I make it in front
>page express or something? Don't you have to use a certain
>kind of format and fonts?

Your problem is almost certainly that the program you're using
to create the file is adding its own file extension eg.
.htaccess.html or .htaccess.doc and adding a whole load of
unnecesary formatting as well. The file must have NO formatting,
just plain text.

The program you should use to create the file is *Windows Notepad*
The name of the file must be exactly .htaccess (with the leading

When you're uploading the file, the program you're using to upload
it may not be able to "see" it because of the lack of file extension.
So, although I've never used FrontPage (thank God) chances are you
should see a drop-down menu of some kind to change the view from
*.html only to "All Files *.*".

PS. Please don't ask "What's wrong with FrontPage", just search this
board for "frontpage" and you'll see the topic has been discussed
"ad nauseam" over the past couple of years.

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