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The .txt file extension
From Nancy on 21 March '99
replying to Re: What format is this file supposed to be? posted by Jim

Well, as I said I am new this stuff. I used notepad but it comes up with a txt file extension. Do I just change the file name when I upload it ftp style then? I thought I was going to have to go learn how to use a vi or pico text editor, phew!

And, I didn't know Front Page was so bad. I have been using it but I always have to go back and repair stuff. What is a good html editor to use that you don't have to know a lot of html? I like the wysiwyg type.
>>Next, how do I make the .htaccess file? With wordpad?
>No! Definitely NOT with Wordpad.
>> I tried
>>that and it doesn't show up in ftp. Or do I make it in front
>>page express or something? Don't you have to use a certain
>>kind of format and fonts?
>Your problem is almost certainly that the program you're using
>to create the file is adding its own file extension eg.
>.htaccess.html or .htaccess.doc and adding a whole load of
>unnecesary formatting as well. The file must have NO formatting,
>just plain text.
>The program you should use to create the file is *Windows Notepad*
>The name of the file must be exactly .htaccess (with the leading
>When you're uploading the file, the program you're using to upload
>it may not be able to "see" it because of the lack of file extension.
>So, although I've never used FrontPage (thank God) chances are you
>should see a drop-down menu of some kind to change the view from
>*.html only to "All Files *.*".
>PS. Please don't ask "What's wrong with FrontPage", just search this
>board for "frontpage" and you'll see the topic has been discussed
>"ad nauseam" over the past couple of years.

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