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Re: Quick 'n' dirty .htpasswd tutorial
From Jim on 21 March '99
replying to Re: Quick 'n' dirty .htpasswd tutorial posted by Nancy

>>htpasswd -c .htpasswd nancy
>Ok, I tried this and I got a message saying 'command not found'

In that case you're probably on an NT server, or perhaps your
hosting service is just plain hopeless and doesn't have htpasswd
installed. Your options are:

a) Change your host, or switch from NT to Unix (if you have that

b) Ask your hosting service if they will install htpasswd on the
system. If they already have it, they must have some special rules
about using it. Otherwise they may have some other way for you to
password-protect your directories. You'll need to ask them about it.

c) Email me and ask me for a quotation to write you a custom CGI
script (your host will need to allow custom CGI):

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