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Re: Cost of web site development
From Baz on 24 Dec '98
replying to Re: Cost of web site development posted by Jeff

>>Be very careful of conversations here along the lines of:
>>"I charge so much..."
>>"Really, hmm I could charge that..."
>>Cos you could be up on a charge of price fixing
>>The U.S. law specifically makes discussion of pricing between competitors (all or some) a federal offense. According to either Marshall Kragen or Lewis Rose (both practicing lawyers), several brokers in DC were successfully prosecuted for simply discussing an increase of fees at a dinner meeting.
>>When, where, or how doesn't matter. Any discussion of pricing by a group of people within the same industry is illegal in the U.S. The feds call it price fixing.
>>>I'm in the situation of having to put an "official" value on site creation work. Does anyone have some favorite credible sources of such data? Without necessarily oversimplifying, I'm looking for stuff along the lines of so many dollars per page, so many dollars per image.
>Oh come on! I believe that to violate anti-trust laws the conversation
>must also result in a restraint of trade. Discussion alone isn't sufficient.
>I can recall hearing of only one collusion in pricing case in the past
>few years. Besides, all this guy here is doing is "shopping" his competitors'
>pricing which is done all the time, and has the "result" of actually
>increasing competition.

Read the FAQ at the HTML Writers Guild, the link is in the original message. The HWG will ban you from their discussion lists if you even mention pricing - That is how strongly they feel about the matter.

They have spoken to lawyers about the matter, and have based their decisions on this information.

Why not read what the professionals say?

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