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Cascading Style Sheets
From Marge at Nature's Gift on 24 March '99
Okay, I"m in the middle of a massive rewrite of the page (yes, again!)
trying to get some 'unity of feel' for all the pages relating to the
business. put a cgi menu block at the top of each page for ease in
navigating...and realized that adding one page to the site involves
changing that menu on EVERY page...more ftping than I feel like doing.

Can those CSS thingies that I've avoided like the plague do this for
me? is there a way to start the header of each page so that it will
have that cgi script and my business logo automagically attached to
each page so that I can just upload the change to the menu one time?

given my obvious ignorance of how the CSS's work, I'd also appreciate
suggestions for the BEST online source-for-dummies on how to write and
implement the things.

and feedback as to what happens if someone with an old browser hits one
and can't read it would be nice, too.

(I don't want much, do I :-)

thanks, folks!

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