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Re: Cascading Style Sheets
From Bill on 24 March '99
replying to Re: Cascading Style Sheets posted by Marge

Be cautious this could turn into a flame. Think first. Reading more
wouldn't hurt you either.

>I am not certain whether all the 'common' browsers support them.

First mistake. SSI has nothing to do with browsers. That's why they
are called SERVER SIDE Includes. Did you find a mention of CLIENT
side SSI? No.

SERVER SIDE scripts are processed by the server before the page is
loaded into a browser. The scripts are processed by the server and
are completely transparent to the client. When you visit a page that
has an embedded SSI, it looks like a normal page. The only difference
that you'll notice is that the page is named *.shtml instead of *.html.

Jim could probably add to this. I understand that some of the pages
making up this BBS are generated with SSI. Can you tell which ones?
I can't.

SSI is much easier than CGI.

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