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Re: JavaScript--script review.
From Edgar on 6 April '99
replying to Re: JavaScript--script review. posted by Jeremey Norris

>>Your script didn't work so well under netscape 3.0. It just kept
>>sending the same cookie file repeatitively.
> Iam confused by what you mean by this. It keeps storing the >cookie over and over. If it doesn't work so well with Netscape 3.0 >what code makes it do this? I was wondering if there was a way to >test it on browser: meaning is there a way to test JS code to see >what it's compatable with?
>Thanks in advance,
>Jeremey Norris

Ok, on my home computer I run Netscape 3.0 configured so it notifies
me every time a cookie is sent. So I kept getting a popup window
asking me if it was ok to send the cookie, even after accepting
about thirty more or less identical cookies (it seemed to be
sending time/date information) the rest of the page still hadn't
loaded. Today at work I ran the page on IE 4.0 set to auto-accept
cookies and your page seemed to load just fine. I'm not a java
expert, but I'd guess the easiest way to test it is just try running
it through different browsers.

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