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Re: CopyRights
From Baz at on 12 April '99
replying to CopyRights posted by TechKnow Tutor

>Where do I go to find out how to copyright my data and information?

If you created the data and information, then it already is copyrighted. You have the Intellectual copyright of anything you create, unless there is a contract or agreement in place that you hand over the copyright to other people/companies.

If the information, graphics etc.. are something that you feel may be stolen and that you'd need to go to court over it, then print it out and send yourself a copy of it by recorded delivery (something where you have to sign to get it off the postman). Keep this sealed and somewhere safe (or get a friendly bank to put it in there safe). You can then officially prove the date the information was created.

Just stick a notice on the bottom of your site/ document which has something to the effect of:

(c)Copyright xyz 1999, Unauthorised copy or reprinting of this information in any format is strictly prohibited.

To let people know.

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