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PGP Public Key - Full Encryption
From Brian on 13 April '99
I need to create a site for a client that has "fully secure forms." That is, security that goes down to the wire, until we receive the information. (The site is for on-line divorces, which will require extremely sensitive information to be put into lengthy forms).

It seems that the way to do this is two fold: First I have to have the site and forms located on secure server; Second, I have to use PGP encryption on the e-mail when the information is downloaded to us. Am I correct so far? (Is there some other method that I should know about?)

At any rate, assuming I'm correct, then how do I go about (a) obtaining a PGP Public Key? and (b) what do I need to learn to use this to send encrypted e-mail? (Or will it be easier and more cost efficent to have Jim do it?)

Thanks for any input.

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