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Re: Frames.....Sorry!
From at Free Webmaster Resources on 5 Jan '99
replying to Frames.....Sorry! posted by Sean

It is true that the frameset page will not have any "content" in it, which would probably make it rank very low in the
search engines.

Other big concerns you need to be thinking about are:
-You can't bookmark specific pages.
-If a search engine does find a specific page, it won't be encapsulated in the frameset.
-Many Surfers just plain HATE frames
There aren't too many valid reasons why you should use frames(most reasons only help the webmaster, not the web surfer), so be careful in making your decision.

Hope this helps.

>Sorry if this has been covered before, I have searched, don't *think* so...
>Frames. The objection, as I understand it, is because a robot can't index a site based on what it sees in ONE page,
>i.e., the info contained in the "window" of a frameset, which contains nothing more than the elements that page links to.
>I don't understand why we can't put our meta tags in this "page". Is the objection because this "page" will have no content,
>ONLY metas?
>Sorry if this has been covered b4, I have searched, if anybody can help, please post the correct address.
>Thanks Jim/ Max/ All!

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