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Re: Credit Card charity donations
From Baz at on 14 April '99
replying to Credit Card charity donations posted by John Preston


Just a thought. Why not try this another way.

If you could find a company/companies that would be willing to add a checkbox to their online order form with something along the lines of "Would you like to make a charitable donation to xyz with your order?"

If the customers check the box then an extra $10 or so is added to the bill. The company then collects this and "Donates" the accrued amount, say, once a month.

Note the word "Donate". If they treat it as donation from their company to you, then I believe (trying to remember my accountacy lessons) that it is regarded as a "charitable contribution" in the uk and is therefore tax deductable for the company concerned.


>We're a small UK based Christian charity working with partners all over the world through the internet.
>A number of people from around the world would like to make small donations to us (say $10 or $20) but as yet we don't have the facility to do this. We're trying to find out a way for people to donate to us - they can't send us cheques since the bank charges can more than wipe out the entire donation!
>Most of the e-commerce solutions are too sophisticated - what we are ideally looking for is someone who is a credit card vendor, who would let us use their merchant id, and then for some kind of commission and conversion charge, pay us the donation in UKú into our UK bank account.
>Anyone got any ideas??

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