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Re: JavaScript--script review.
From Inachu on 22 April '99
replying to Re: JavaScript--script review. posted by Edgar

There is another cheap way of pre loading images..

Here is what it would look like......

<BODY alink="#YADA YADDA" >
<image src="slowloader.gif" alt="slow loader">
<image src="slowloader.gif alt="preloader cheat" width=1 height=1>

another way instead of pre loading you can have a small image size
that represents the image.
<image src="bob.gif" LowSrc="smallbob.gif">

Once the large image is ready then it will replace the smaller image.

THIS IS OF COURSE A NON JAVA WAY of pre loading....Thought you
might like my ideas............

Tell me if they don't work for you also tell me what browser
you are using........


>> Those who know JavaScript please read on further. I have created
>>a script that automaticly reloads your page for a user. I have tested
>>this and it works real well for sites that pre-load their images.
>>Please give your input on my script and maybe ideas and sugestion.
>>The script is located here:
>>Jeremey Norris
>Your script didn't work so well under netscape 3.0. It just kept
>sending the same cookie file repeatitively.

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