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Log files? What's a log file?
From Ronn on 27 April '99
replying to Re: Width of web pages posted by Darryl

In your reply to Chris' query, you stated that web site visitor's monitor info could be found in the log files. I am still painfully new at web design, could you please explain what a log file is, and how to go about setting one up?


>That is one reason why you need to use your log files. One thing they will tell you is what resolution your visitors are using. Real Networks probably still has a majority of visitors using 640x480. Their market is the world and not everyone has big monitors. In my chase only 20% of my visitors use 640x480.
>Know your visitors and design for all or the majority.
>>I wonder if you can explain the best width of a page.
>>On my site, I use 700 as the width. Since it is my belief that most monitors are set up for 800x600. However.. I do notice an aweful lot of sites (including real pro ones) are set at 600. This unfortunately seems to leave a lot of blank space.. and if the page isn't centered, looks offset too much to the left.
>>I know there is no standard..(yet?) but what is ideal...?
>>Any idea how many monitors are set at any given width display??

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