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Re: Log files? What's a log file?
From Wes on 27 April '99
replying to Log files? What's a log file? posted by Ronn

> In your reply to Chris' query, you stated that web site visitor's monitor info could be found in the log files. I am still painfully new at web design, could you please explain what a log file is, and how to go about setting one up?

He was talking about using a tracking system. They usually tell you how many hits you have,where they came from, screen resolutions, uniques and reloads,ect..I use extreme tracking which gives you all the details about a visitor,but i don't really like how i have to have their logo on my webpages.

And for Chris,
Most of my visitors have 800x600 too.But it seemes to really piss off visitors when they have to scroll to the right to read the whole page. My old design was like that and when i did a survey to my mailing list,that was my main problem.

Something to consider


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