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Re: Extreme Tracker
From carl ballew on 29 April '99
replying to Re: Extreme Tracker posted by David A

>Also its really not a big deal if people know how many hits we get.
>Is there someway you can use our stats for your own nefarious
>purposes that I don't know about?

I can look at Extreme Tracker and know exactly what keywords are
leading people to your site! The benefits of this should be obvious!
If I e-mail you, tell you I'm after your business, and ask you which
keywords work best for you, what will be your response. When you use
Extreme Tracker, I don't have to ask, and you will never know I've
been there!

Even worse, enter "extreme tracker" as a search criteria, and just
like any other search, you get a long list of sites which have
Extreme Tracker in use. I love it! I only wish everybody (but me)
used it. Come to think of it, I really shouldn't post this.

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