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Re: 600 is best
From Ewen at Running Writing on 2 May '99
replying to Re: 600 is best posted by Joe

>>>>I wonder if you can explain the best width of a page.
>>>>On my site, I use 700 as the width. Since it is my belief that most >monitors are set up for 800x600. However.. I do notice an aweful >lot of sites (including real pro ones) are set at 600.
>>>Hi Chris. You should always design for all users in mind.. this mean using ALT tags on all images, making sure all JAVA and other effects degrade well, having text links for image maps and not making it tough for 640 X 480 users or those using Lynx.
>>>I agree that 600 is best. In addition to the reasons given by Scott, I find the 600 screen much easier to scan visually. I think it's possible to have "too much of a good thing" showing on one screen, thereby diluting the overall effectiveness of the screen
>Can anyone provide the URL location of a utility that allows you to view sites through different pixel settings?

There's a program called quickres.exe which allows you to select different screen resolutions 'on the fly'. I think it comes from microsoft and is one of their 'Power Toys'. Try searching the microsoft site.

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