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Re: Challenge for HTML experts...
From Lisa on 18 May '99
replying to Re: Challenge for HTML experts... posted by IonZone

>I'm not sure I understand your question, I went to your site but did
>not find what you were talking about. But see if this helps: you
>could make your graphic part of the background (yes this would make
>it tile down.) You could make the text part of the graphic itself. Or
>you could use layers (if you feel like venturing into DHTML, not
>supported by older browsers.)Hey I got another one you could set
>the image as a background for a table cell then type whatever text
>you wanted ontop of it (this one may require a little playing around
>be sure to check IE NS compatibility on this one) Hope 1 of these helps.
>Thanks IonZone! I appreciate the tip. However, I am having some trouble getting it to work. I posted a new question to seek help with adding the graphic to a table. If you know of anyway to do it, let me know. Thanks again. Lisa

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