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Promoting Commerce Sites w/ cgi
From Edward Maas at on 8 Jan '99
This is a question which a stumped me for sometime. Based on the readings within deadlock and my general observations, I think I may have found a very difficult promotion situation. How can one promote a commerce site in the search engines?
My question comes forward as I begin the promotion of my client's site. The design we used appears to have two problems, one it has frames and two it has cgi reference url's. The frames are a problem I can fix, but the shopping cart poses a problem. At the moment, I have it set so that only those pages that are part of the shopping cart use the script. This is very easy to do from a frameset because you don't loose the links when you load a new frame. However, if I were to remove the frames, then I would anticipate problems with ordering and categorizing. Also, my clients want the different parts of the catalog on the side bar, rather than as a separate page. Any suggestions to bring us to the top of the charts? Well here is some more specifics on the script, just FYI. It is not database generated, but rather has static html pages that must run through the script using invisible form commands (its Selena Sol's Web Store, in case you are familiar). If anyone has any tricks or suggestions that would help this type of situation or any design ideas for my site, please e-mail me or post your response on the board.
Thank you.
Edward Maas

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