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Re: on email e-zines using HTML and graphics
From Pooja Mittal on 27 May '99
replying to Re: on email e-zines using HTML and graphics posted by marge

cookies? errr... obviously i have a whole lot to learn before i can get my newsletter going! I didnt know that i could set cookies with my newsletter!
All i really want to do is send people a nice little newsletter with some graphics... how complicated is that anyways?????
Isnt it just like designing an html page with graphics, somehow combining the whole thing into a single readable file and mailing it out!! why r things never easy????

Anyways.. any idea which mailers support graphics and which dont?
And agian.. can i view the graphic version of the newletters offline???

Thanx anyways Marge! at least now i know i can use cookies but i am not to use them! :o)

>ah, you touched on one of my pet peeves here!
>depends on which mailer you use. If you DO put it in html code, at the very lease offer folks the option to subscribe to a text only version.
>there are a lot of people out there using old software; there's also a lot of us who don't WANT all the bells and whistles in our email.
>and, please, don't have your newsletter try to set a cookie everytime I go to read it!
>>Hi People,
>>Im looking to start an email newlettr or e-zine call it wot u want!
>>The problem is i want to use HTML and graphics to make it look good...
>>im just not sure how to do that!
>>I mean where do i store the graphics?
>>And what happens if someone tries to read the e-zine offline? How do they see the graphics? or do they just get a lot of binary characters???
>>Someone help pls!!!
>>Thanks a whole bunch!

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