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Re: Starting out
From Tom at momkiddollduds on 6 June '99
replying to Re: Starting out posted by Rafe Kemmis

My Son bought his first Computer, and after one week, had his own Free Web Site up and running.! I figured that if he, a novice, could do it, so could I! Since doing mine, I have added some light HTML to my pages, a little at a time. Check out both sites and if you like them, Click on FREE WEB PAGES. In a couple of hours or less, you will have your first free web site. Later you can have a professional do one, or do another one yourself. Eack web site is like having a "Branch" office for your business!

>Well, taking into consideration that you don't have any idea how to make a website, especially a buisness website, I would find someone or some company to create it for you. I have a small webdesign company that can help you out if you choose. You can always email me.
>>>>I'm quite sure this might sound like a complete 'idiot' question, but what are the first steps in setting up a web site, who do I contact ? any phone numbers? As you can see I am very new to this area so any pointers as to which direction I must go would be greatly appreciated.
>>>>To all those with helpful advice, thank you
>>>Depends on what your using it for. A personal page of "hey look at pics of my cat" is different than an e-commerce site. Give us some more info and someone will point you in the right direction.
>>>If you just want a small personal site start here
>>I want to start an e-commerce site, what do I have to do?

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