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Re: Form Pages
From Oliver Kopplin on 5 July '99
replying to Re: Form Pages posted by Ben Browning

In reply to:
>>Since I want to route some of the forms through an autoresponder I need
>>to make sure that the e-mail (besides in the form itself) is being handled like the
>>hidden-subject tag.
>Depending on the remailer, a hidden "Reply-to" field might do the trick, if you program it right with sendmail, or whatever mail gateway you are using...

My reply:
Thanks a lot Ben for trying to help me.
But just before I got your response I went through my script file
custommail.cgi and found that the command "email" was used to print
the reply e-mail.
I just changed the name of the text box to "email" and inserted an
additional hidden name "email" to my form with an open value.

Worked fine.

Thanks again for your help!!!

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