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Re: Frames
From Inachu at Help Desk on 14 July '99
replying to Frames posted by Karen C

Good question!

Now here's a good answer!

Forst you need to cater your website to 3 paticular search engines.

Personally I hate that but in the long run it will pay off.

Make one for Infoseek because they are very very picky about the
first 256k of text in your HTML document.

Yes! put meta tages in the <NOFRAMES> area but make sure it is not
the same tags as you use in the <frames> area.

Also make one for <noscript> as well.

Infoseek will not spider anything over 256 characters.
After that it jumps on to the next page to continue spidering.

Also Infoseek is blind to and does not like auto submit programs.
tripod users have to email in the URLS to add it to the index
due to spamming the index........

Gee thanks a lot tripod users!

Because of that and other things infoseek is going down hill....
but it is still very effective...not for long.......


>I've just about got my web pages ready to list with search engines and am wondering about the To Frame or Not to Frame issue. I use Frontpage. Can I put keywords and titles within the 'No Frames' html or should I only put body text there. If I do put a title, description and keywords there, will that get around the need to have a non-framed lead page in order to get listed with the search engines? If I do this, and those keywords etc do get listed; when people click on the listing will they be sent to the Framed format of the page or the non-framed page design (assuming their browser supports frames).
>Bet you can't tell I'm a confused beginner??! Thanks. KC.

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