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Re: coding for large monitors????
From marge on 17 July '99
replying to Re: coding for large monitors???? posted by Andrew

>unless you're using tables with the width set to pixels rather that %. And if you have them align="left".
>Then it casn look real weird on different size screens.

and I am setting the width in pixels, since there is an optimum width for reading...

she sent the whole site is table-based...just sent <center> </Center> at the top and bottom.

any volunteers with a huge monitor who would like to look at some test pages for me?

or...even better...does this justify my spending the money??? big evil grin!!!! yeah, that's right...I NEED a laptop, my old 14inch AND a superduper high res 20 or so inch monitor so I'll know how the page looks. that's the ticket!

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