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American Servers versus Outer Mongolia's
From James on 17 August '99
Hi Jim and the gang. You said at:

"Whichever host you decide to sign up with, make sure their servers are in the USA, even if you
happen to live in Outer Mongolia. 90% of your potential customers live in the USA, and hopefully
they'll be accessing your site more than you will."

If you have a .com domain name, but your server is in Outer Mongolia, and is fairly powerful, does this advice still apply? What exactly are the reasons a US based server is better if you want American business? I'm guessing that maybe the site will load faster for Americans - is this true, even if you have a powerful server in Mongolia? How much faster would it load, and also, is there any place you can go to check how fast the site would load 'FOR AN AMERICAN'?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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