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Re: American Servers versus Outer Mongolia's
From Jim on 17 August '99
replying to American Servers versus Outer Mongolia's posted by James

>If you have a .com domain name, but your server is in Outer Mongolia,
>and is fairly powerful

The "power" of your server has very little to do with how fast your
pages are served. More important is the bandwidth of the line your
server is connected to the Internet at.

>What exactly are the reasons a US based server is better if you want
>American business?

If you don't want American business then you might as well not have
a Web site at all.

>I'm guessing that maybe the site will load
>faster for Americans - is this true, even if you have a powerful
>server in Mongolia?

In a nutshell, you want to have your server as close (physically) to
your potential customers as possible. The closer the server is, the
faster it'll be. For example, if you live in the USA, generally
speaking, a Web site on a server located in China will be slower for
you than the same Web site on the same server located in the USA,
wouldn't you agree?

>is there any place you can go to check how fast the site would load

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