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Re: American Servers versus Outer Mongolia's
From James on 18 August '99
replying to Re: American Servers versus Outer Mongolia's posted by Jim

>>If you have a .com domain name, but your server is in Outer Mongolia,
>>and is fairly powerful
>The "power" of your server has very little to do with how fast your
>pages are served. More important is the bandwidth of the line your
>server is connected to the Internet at.

Sorry for not being clear Jim. When I said power I was actually referring to the bandwith etc. - all the things that give your server speed. So assuming your server had an excellent connection to the Net, etc. . .

>>What exactly are the reasons a US based server is better if you want
>>American business?
>If you don't want American business then you might as well not have
>a Web site at all.

I agree, and again - sorry if I wasn't clear, but I do want American business ;~)

>>I'm guessing that maybe the site will load
>>faster for Americans - is this true, even if you have a powerful
>>server in Mongolia?
>In a nutshell, you want to have your server as close (physically) to
>your potential customers as possible. The closer the server is, the
>faster it'll be. For example, if you live in the USA, generally
>speaking, a Web site on a server located in China will be slower for
>you than the same Web site on the same server located in the USA,
>wouldn't you agree?

It sounds right, but since electricity travels at 186 thousand miles a second I was wondering how much difference there would be if your server was powerful (excellent connection etc). If it turned out that the download difference was extremely minimal then I might as well not bother. If download times were drastically affected then I should shift servers. It's a bit of a catch 22 - I can just see myself shifting servers only to find out the download times are practically the same. Aside from speed, are there any other advantages?

>>is there any place you can go to check how fast the site would load

Thanks - I checked it out but couldn't make much sense of it. I guess I can always ask an American to try my site and get out his stopwatch.



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