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Can anyone help me? Pleazzzze
From Grooooooovy Yeah at Thunder on 24 August '99
Hi! How are ya? Well, I'm making a website but i don't know how to do frames and how to do anything sort of framey ( I hope you know what I mean) Well, i'd REALLY appreiciate any help. And also, I tried makign banners, but I don't know how to make a text link in it either, and oh yeah, another thing is I have a big picture of a house, and i want to make it so that if the person clicked on the window, it'll take them to this place, and if they clicked on the door, i'll take them somewhere else. Kind of like a picture link, well, sorry that i'm talk a lot.
Thank you soooo much for even reading this...
I have AOL instant messaging, my Screen Name is Gela7777
and ICQ number is 38582914
and Yahoo! ID: mengie7

Please Write Back.....
(_8(1) <homer simpson how could u say no to this face....
i'll shut up now...

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