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Re: referral programs
From Kevin on 26 August '99
replying to Re: referral programs posted by David

>>Any sugestions on how to set up a referal service similar to the one here at deadlock? Here is the tough part. Needs to be using either frontpage 98 or frontpage2000. We host our own site on a microsoft nt40 box using IIS. It is for a progect that is in progress.
>>Thanks a ton,
>I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but there is a cool program called AffiliateShop. You can check it out at <a href="></a>.
>Good luck.

Actually, I was lookin more for some server log reader or someting. Possibly some Ideas on how to set up the server end. One Idea I had was t use the 404 errors and track IP or something. Not really sure what the standard is. must be some software for this I would think.

Thanks for the like though, I am looking in to who should run the banner campain.


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