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Re: Search engine services
From IonZone on 12 Sept '99
replying to Search engine services posted by Stephan Snoek

Make a search engine that returns accurate, quality, spam free listings and most people would be happy. Forget everything else its just fluff, the web has enough fluff.

Heres an idea though have your SE differentiate between business and nonbusiness pages. That way when your looking to buy something you don't get a million pages about someones pathetic life and when your looking for information your not bombarded with businesses trying to get your money.

>Since most people here use searchengines a lot I think you are the most qualified people to answer my question. I am currently working on a search engine and I would like to know which services you as users would like to see in a searchengine. I would like to know about additional services like advanced search possibilities, Meta-tag generator, forum and things like that. Please inform me about any ideas you might have on this subject.
>I thank you all in advance.
>Best regards,

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