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Re: Microsoft word attachments received from unknown senders
From Scott at Internet Swiss Amry Knife on 13 Sept '99
replying to Microsoft word attachments received from unknown senders posted by Jeff

>A few months ago I asked the boarders here about how to handle email
>containing attachments that occasionally are sent to our online business
>Most said such email should be deleted without opening the attached files
>because of virus risk.
>I realize the risk in opening .exe and .bat files. But is there any risk
>in opening an attachment labeled "Microsoft Document File" (.doc)? How
>about an Acrobat file (.pdf)?

Hi Jeff. It's my understanding that the Word program and its files can run macros (little programs) on your machine. Commands in macro can include deleting files or worse.

I don't think .doc or .pdf can include macros, but then again some people are very crafty....

If you are overly concernedc about this, consider using a second machine for just for e-mail. You can get an older machine for just about nothing these days.

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