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Re: copyright information
From Jim on 20 Jan '99
replying to copyright information posted by Lisa

>Could someone please tell me if the following is an infringement on
>copyright laws? I want to use some tips on my "Help Page" that I
>got from a book. The book is available at any public library. The
>tips will either have footnotes to a "works cited" section at the
>bottom of the webpage or I will place a disclaimer at the top of the
>page giving full credit to the book. Any advice would be greatly

Most webmasters think "well, who's gonna know, and who cares
anyway?" but make no mistake, what you intend to do is illegal
under *international* laws.

The book will have a copyright notice in it that will tell you exactly
what you can and can't do with the text. It'll probably say that you
need explicit permission from the publisher/author to reproduce any of
the text.

Using copyright text without permission is the same thing as walking
into a book shop, ripping a page out of a book and walking out again
without paying. You'd probably get away with it, but that doesn't make
it legal or moral.

Later on, when you've put a lot of time and effort into writing your
own original copy that people enjoy reading, you'll come to understand
and fully appreciate why copyright laws exist.

I don't mean to berate, only educate.

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