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Re: my pet PEEVE
From Jeff on 15 Sept '99
replying to Re: my pet PEEVE posted by Deb

>Try the following URL:
>Marketers track these kinds of stats in order to keep abreast of
>'NET trends'
>Pay no attention to that earlier response...he's obviously never
>been on a loads of folks on the internet forego
>the usage of capital letters/punctuation/etc. In my case it's
>usually spelling...although it's rarely intentional...<grin>
>Maybe he was just teasing ya and forgot to add the :)
"loads of folks on the internet forego the usage of capital

Folks...meaning 14-year old kids?

I participate in two listserves. Clarity and reasonably proper english
are demanded by users of those groups. Capitalization is vital
online because punctuation is hard to see on small monitors; semicolons
(remember them?) are especially hard to read.

Why should anyone take time to answer a question when the
person asking the question is too lazy to cast it properly?
Note too, she is asking for material for a COLLEGE course.

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