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Re: my pet PEEVE
From Deb on 15 Sept '99
replying to Re: my pet PEEVE posted by Jeff

>"loads of folks on the internet forego the usage of capital
>Folks...meaning 14-year old kids?

No, *Folks* meaning: various people of varying ages in a variety of
venues..:) So Vere!...I mean There!

>I participate in two listserves. Clarity and reasonably proper english
>are demanded by users of those groups. Capitalization is vital
>online because punctuation is hard to see on small monitors; semicolons
>(remember them?) are especially hard to read.

Yes well *size* does matter...and I imagine your brain is geared to
'small monitors' being so small-minded....but it just so happens that
NO CAPS is an 'in' thing among college WEB surfers. They refer to it
as 'the bullet train of thought'...quick, easy and non-stop (i.e.
no periods, caps, or punctuation...beyond those obligatory acronyms)

>Why should anyone take time to answer a question when the
>person asking the question is too lazy to cast it properly?
>Note too, she is asking for material for a COLLEGE course.

Thank you Cecil B. DeMill! I'm sorry to be teasing so much, but
honestly...if one can't get an answer to a question on this board
without passing "Strunk's Style Test" it would be a mighty short list!
I think you let your 'pet peeve' turn into a 'doggoned damnation'...

Also, if your so hell-bent on elocution...why aren't you after those
*folks* like the fellow who referred to the 'deadlock Dispatch' as the
'deathlock despatch'? (personally, I ROTFL over that one for ten

I hope it's because you realize as we all do, that not everyone on
the net is the same...just like's what makes the world go they say...:) Viva la Difference!


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