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Re: my pet PEEVE
From melissa on 19 Sept '99
replying to my "pet PEEVE" posted by KIDINFOdes

>well i am doing a speech on "pet peeves" for one of my college courses and i was wondering if anyone could send me some useful evidence that there are "many" people out there who are not taking advantage of the access they have to the internet. i've seen and i've heard that some of the 24/7 chatters don't even know how to log onto the web or even search for things. those are the people who make us "researchers" look like "dumb." so if anyone could give me some info then please HOOK it up. thanks a bunch. you're helping this college girl out.

i have been in chat room and plenty of them the thing that gets to me most people young or old do not use them for fun they think it is fun to make fun of peopleand dont stick to the chat subject....
they should make a chat room just for idiots that dont know how to use a normal chat room and let us who want to chat just chat with clean fun..............thankx.........mel

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