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Re: copyright information
From Jeff on 20 Jan '99
replying to Re: copyright information posted by Jim

>>Could someone please tell me if the following is an infringement on
>>copyright laws? I want to use some tips on my "Help Page" that I
>>got from a book. The book is available at any public library. The
>>tips will either have footnotes to a "works cited" section at the
>>bottom of the webpage or I will place a disclaimer at the top of the
>>page giving full credit to the book. Any advice would be greatly
>Most webmasters think "well, who's gonna know, and who cares
>anyway?" but make no mistake, what you intend to do is illegal
>under *international* laws.
>The book will have a copyright notice in it that will tell you exactly
>what you can and can't do with the text. It'll probably say that you
>need explicit permission from the publisher/author to reproduce any of
>the text.
>Using copyright text without permission is the same thing as walking
>into a book shop, ripping a page out of a book and walking out again
>without paying. You'd probably get away with it, but that doesn't make
>it legal or moral.
>Later on, when you've put a lot of time and effort into writing your
>own original copy that people enjoy reading, you'll come to understand
>and fully appreciate why copyright laws exist.
>I don't mean to berate, only educate.

Nicely stated, Jim. One more thing: The material doesn't have to say
it is copyrighted to have a degree of copyright protection. There are
several websites that cover copyright issues.

BTW I wonder how many Deadlockers (tm) have registerd a copyright
on their pages or at least put the a copyright warning on their site?
If nothing else, it makes ones site "appear" to have some real content.

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