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Re: Desk top Icons
From David A on 29 Sept '99
replying to Desk top Icons posted by Jeff

1 of my clients wanted me to do a similar thing for him 6 months ago.
Theres alot of ways to do this, but since I don't know your level of expierence I'll go the longer route.

This is for windows 9.x

1. Open your browser, go to your website.
2. Drag the url from your browser to your desktop, grab the icon right infront of the url.
3. This will create a "something".url file in your c:\windows\desktop directory.
4. Right click on the icon on the desktop and select properties then click the web properties tab then click change icon (at the bottom).
5. Assign the new icon. If you haven't made an icon yet Microangelo is the software to get (go to any shareware site).
6. Getting the people to install the thing correctly is trickier.
Because it depends on what operating system and email client they are using. Also the icon and the URL file are technically 2 different files.
7. So what you need to do is send them both the .ico file and the .url file and tell them to put the file on their desktop and assign the icon to it.
8. The problem is thats alot of work for someday to do and they won't do it unless you make it brainless for them.
9. What we did was write an installation program (.exe) that detected the users OS and installed the .ico and .url files accordingly. (windows NT does not store desktop info in the same place as windows 9.x).
10. However we still ran into the problem of people net wanting to download and run strange executables, virus alert!

If anybody has a better/easier way let me know because we never did get it fully resovled.

>I am the administrator for The Violet Society which is a free horticultural
>group. I would like to be able to e-mail new members an icon to put on their
>desktop ,which will direct members to the Society Web site
>How can I do this?
>Many Thanks

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