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Re: Virtual Servers
From Inachu at Help Desk on 1 Oct '99
replying to Virtual Servers posted by Kevin

I personally have never tried the virtual servers but one of them
I know off hand is

But you should ask about security first before you get any from
a virtual host.......... I've seen many security loopholes
with them..................


>I ran accross this from a banner in on of the "check out my site" posts form last month. Now looking back, I can not find the site, or it was on some revolving banner system. Please get in touch with me if it sound familier.
>It seems to good to be true. Are the servers fast? Has any one actually hosted pages on a virtual server? How was the tech help? Can you recomend one? How much access to things like CGI-bin are there? How well do these shoping cart work that come with them?
>I signed up as a reseller (for free) to try to get some more info, but just kinda gives you the run around.
>Do you have any other ISP recomendations that are fast, and allow access to cgi and such?

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