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Re: sales stats ?
From Nicholas on 1 Oct '99
replying to sales stats ? posted by Andrew

>Anyone know any statistics for sales vs unique visitors? e.g. is one sale per 20 uniques above, below or agerage.

Only gradually accumulating such stats. My impression is that the
stats will be all over the map, from 0 per 1,000,000 to 1 per 5.

>I realize there's more to it then just number of visitors (content, information, ease of navigation, price etc.). But knowing where one "falls" within the stats may help give an indication of where a site need more "umph"

I've never seen a "guaranteed winner" or "guaranteed loser" % stat.
You pay out or you don't. If you don't, it needs radical surgery.
If you're paying out, you tweak slowly, carefully. Experts from down
the block have their opinions, of course. Pull 5%, and a guy selling
hot dogs at the county fair tells you you're a failure. Pull 2.8%,
and some bozo locked into "2% is good" fantasies tells you you're
a genius.

It always comes down to the whole equation: COGS, overhead, ad cost,
etc. In direct response advertising my spreadsheets used to include
*everything that affects the bottom line*. And each business model
(and each product) is different, at least slightly.

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