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Domain name
From Scott on 9 Oct '99
replying to Re: .cc domain posted by Nicholas

>Since a German or Australian already knows the difference
>between .com and .de and .au (and presumably .org), the
>questions are really:

>1. When will the lumpen U.S. users figure it out?
That will take a while. More below

>2. When will .com cease being essential prestige for U.S. companies?
It's like an "800" number, sure 888 and 877 are the same thing, but the it's the 800 that has been promoted and ingrained to be "the number" to have. It's the same thing with ".com" If that's what all the big boys are playing with and showing off, that's what everyone wants.

>3. Which new TLD will join .com?
The "big 7" (.shop, .firm, .biz, .web, .nom, etc) are still on hold.

>4. How long will it take the cyber-squatters to overrun the new TLD?
Well, the new system at Network Solutions requires a credit card payment at the time of registration. That should help some, but a lot of the new "7" have been pre-registered by squatters.

I can always find a suitable domain name for a client in the current system. No, it may not be "", but usually what I come up with even better.


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