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Re: Sidebar background
From Craig Boas at French Accents Antique Furniture on 12 Oct '99
replying to Re: Sidebar background posted by Laura

>I'm using Front Page 2000. I got the background form a background archive and it seems that it is set at 400 pixels wide but I know that's not right.

The question, as I understand it, essentially is: How wide does the
background image have to be to keep the colored bar (which is supposed
to appear on the left edge of the screen) from repeating somewhere
on the right side of the screen.

Even though most people view the web at 1024-pixel-wide resolution or
less, some PC monitors top out at 1280 pixels across, and I believe
(although I am not sure) that Macs top out lower than that. A
background graphic about 1280 wide should be safe for most anything
out there.

Bear in mind that, if your background graphic is a gif image, leaving
a large, single color space on the right doesn't significantly
increase the file size. (i.e. because of how the .gif compression
routine works, the file size of a large single-color space is only
slightly larger than that of a smaller space). The same does NOT hold
true for .jpg files, but if all you want is a color bar down the left
side of the screen, you should be using a .gif anyway.

Hope that helps.


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