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From Hazen on 12 Nov '99
I could use some help folks. My current site has started to explode. I am receiving about 8000 hits per week with about 11,000 visitors or unique visitors per month. The site is only 9 months old and the time has come for me to start seeking out some funds!

Upon doing research I am constantly reading all the neat buzzword jargon...CPM's, click through...blah, blah.

My needs are pretty straight forward. The advertising will be going on my forum page.

I am averaging 3000 unique visitors per week/12,000 per month

and 8000 hits per week. The average stay time per visitor is 1 minute 15 seconds.

Now, without understanding all the babble, basically, on advertiser on my forum would receive roughly 60 hours per week exposure! questions..

1)How do I determine a rate card? Are there any good materials outthere that I can reference?

2)Tricks of the to determine how and when banners appear on a site...again any good sources.

Thank you for your help. I am new at the Internet Ad Solicitation business, but the site is rocking and I need to get going.

Hazen Kent

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